Texting is for dummies….

Posted: 17th January 2013 by Paul LaRosa in texting
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Okay, imagine this conversation took place 15 years ago and I had just told you I had invented a new form of communication that would transform the way you communicate with your fellow humans.

What’s that? you say.

Me: Okay instead of talking to someone on the phone, I’ve invented a new format where you will type out every word of your conversation on a tiny keyboard — on your phone!!

You: Why would I ever want to take the time to type every word on a tiny keyboard on my phone when I could just use that phone to call the person and say what I had to say?

Me: You’re so old-school!

You: I don’t think so; it just sounds so stupid.

My point exactly. I hate texting and cannot believe it’s as popular as it is, especially with our slacker youth. I understand that texting does have some uses in a very limited way, like if you’re in a meeting or cheating on a test or at the movies (although texting in a movie theater could get you some dirty looks).

But the idea of carrying on a very long conversation via texting, ugh! Don’t you just want to pick up the phone at some point and cut to the chase? What is it about texting that has everyone in thrall? There are friends of mine who’d be happy to text back and forth with me all day but, to paraphrase, I’m not all that into it.

And believe me, I am not backwards in the art of social media. I tweet, Facebook, email, fart (just wanted to see if you were paying attention) and blog. But texting is not for me…except of course while driving.

Kidding!! If there is one thing more dumb than texting generally, it’s texting while driving. I heard today that driving under the influence of texting is responsible for 25% of all driving accidents. If you have to drive and communicate with your fellow humans, pick up a phone for gosh sake! Or just give them the finger!

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