As a lifelong Jets fan, I had a revelation on Thanksgiving while watching the Jets reach a new level of awfulness. It’s time for Jets fans to embrace them for what they are — a clownish, hapless football team that is NOT going to make the playoffs this year and may never again win the Super Bowl. Let’s face it, when they won Super Bowl III, it’s only because Joe Namath sold his soul to the devil; he’d win a Super Bowl and be STD free for life and in exchange, the Jets would never win another big game.

We Jets fans must become more like the fans of the Chicago Cubs, the original Mets and the Red Sox for most of this century. It’s not whether the Jets are going to win anything (surely you jest and don’t call me Shirley), it’s how awful they’re going to be.

Taken in this light, the Jets on Thanksgiving were truly spectacular. Not only did they lose to their bitter rivals, the Patriots, on Thanksgiving night before a national audience, they did so in a way that forever cemented their buffoonery. So the now-infamous Mark Sanchez face-to-ass pratfall can now be considered the highlight of their season. The photo of Sanchez face hitting the lineman’s ass should be on the cover of next year’s team report.

It was truly a once in a lifetime play. Let’s review: not only did Sanchez turn the wrong way on a hand-off, he then slipped and had his faced smashed in by the ass of one of his own lineman and then he fumbled and then the other team scooped it up for a touchdown. Wow, I wonder how many times they practiced that!!??

I’m enjoying the new fan in me. I can’t, for instance, wait until the next time Tim Tebow steps on the field to fool no one. Look, he’s lining up at receiver, no quarterback, no running back — what does it matter? The result is always no gain. He’s the perfect foil because, every time he’s in there, I can’t wait for Sanchez to come back in. Who knows what he’ll surprise us with next week? I care no more about wins and losses, just crazy busted plays that are the hallmark of this franchise.

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