Would more of us be posting about centerfolds back in the day?

As someone who is on Facebook pretty much every day, I’ve seen the posts from my friends, new friends and acquaintances for well over two years now.

Without the benefit of a statistical analysis, I’ve noticed that many of us post over and over about one issue and that issue is at the very center of our lives. It clearly is what is most important to us.

One woman I know posts about the issue of autism because her son has autism. Another posts about her dog because of her obvious love of animals — she once wanted to be a vet. Another about physical fitness because of her new-found love of, well, physical fitness. Others post all the time about their children. Some other about their parents and, in some cases, how much they miss them.

My wife posts mostly about her baking because she has a baking blog and she’s very talented at it, both baking and blogging. As for self-analysis, I’d say I post a lot about work and my travels for it and my memoir whose promotion and marketing is a full time job.

But by and large, most people who post on Facebook are careful. It’s been beaten into us. Watch what you post — it could cost you your job! And it has for some people, that’s for sure.

I began to wonder what we’d post about if Facebook were around in decades past. Imagine Facebook in a less politically correct time. During the “Mad Men” era, would we be posting pictures of Miss August from Playboy? Our favorite scotch, beer, cigarettes? In the ’60s, we’d surely be posting our the latest song from The Beatles, The Stones or Dylan. In the ’70s, our favorite disco dance and in the ’80s big hair and big money would reign. And so on….

I think Facebook should declare one day a year — April 1st anyone — as a day when we could post about anything we want without fear of politically correct repercussions. Man, then my blog posts would really have some zing!!

Now what does this post say about me?

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