It’s interesting to see what happens in the wake of a tragedy committed through the barrel of a gun. Everyone knows what happened in Colorado but how many know about the innocent 4-year-old boy shot to death in a Bronx playground this week during a shootout by thugs?

Compounding the tragedy in New York, a 17-year-old was being questioned as being one of those involved in the gun battle.

In Colorado comes word that, in light of last week’s mass shooting in a movie theater that killed a dozen people, there is now a spike in the number of people rushing to buy guns. Background checks for those wanting to buy guns in that state jumped 41 percent and gun shop owners call Monday one of their busiest days in a while.

In the Bronx, the reaction is much different. As background, you should know that the city’s mayor and police commissioner have been under constant pressure to halt the police department’s controversial ‘stop and frisk’ policy. Basically, critics charge the program unfairly targets minorities (and the vast majority of those stopped and frisked are minorities) for disrespectful stops.

Proponents including Mayor Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Kelly say the program has resulted in a vast reduction in crime and has taken hundreds if not thousands of illegal guns off the streets, carried by those who are stopped.

But the outcry against the stop and frisk program was silenced at least a bit yesterday in light of the tragic death of little Lloyd Morgan. Here’s what two local elected officials told The Daily News:

“I know it’s not too politically correct, but I am saying that I am fully, fully, totally supporting stop-and-frisk,” said State Senator Ruben Diaz Sr.

“For too long we have been protecting more the criminals than the victims. Enough is enough.”

“After (Sunday) night, I’ve changed my mind,” said Bronx Assemblyman Eric Stevenson. “I know that we should look at the stop-and-frisk, but in a reformed way, with new criteria.”

Which reaction do you think is more sensible — that of the citizens of Colorado or the elected officials in NYC?



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