Don Draper and wife Megan...

Okay so I can’t get that damn song out of my head, the one sung by Megan, Don Draper’s uber-sexy French wife, at the surprise birthday party she threw for him. Who knows what “Zoo Bisou Bisou” means or was intended to mean back in the 1960s — it only meant one thing when it was sung and danced by Don’s wife Sunday night. As the actress playing the role said, “Everyone will go home from this party and have sex!” Indeed. (Here’s the Sophia Loren version.)

That was the highlight of the show for me and almost made me forget that Betty, Don’s ex-wife, was nowhere to be seen in the first episode. Something tells me that January Jones, the actress who plays Betty, will be back with a vengeance. For now, though, we’re ‘stuck’ with Megan and that ain’t a bad thing. She was pretty much the highlight of the first episode although Roger’s great one-liners were coming fast and furious.

Aside from doing the sexy dance, Megan was also required by the writers of the show to open her blouse in the office to show a drooling Don her cleavage, and to crawl around in her sexy black underwear while cleaning the mess made by party-guests. Not only that but she pouted at Don, told him he was too old for her, and that his job was to sit there and merely watch her crawl around on all fours. Well, just like “no one puts baby in the corner,” no one tells Don Draper to just watch when confronted by the sexiest of women. In a move that I’m betting reminded a lot of women of the book “50 Shades of Grey,” Don promptly gets down on the floor and ‘takes’ his wife, allegedly against her will. Her refusal to give in lasts about one second, maybe less.

The first episode was a lot of catch-up. (Spoiler alert) Joan had Roger’s baby though it’s unclear if Roger realizes that. If he did, he was playing it very cool. Pete is still annoying but vital to the firm. Lane has grown creepy and sex-deprived. And Don’s oldest child — his mesmerizing daughter — is about to hit puberty. It’s going to be the ultimate payback when she turns into the female version of her old man.

It wasn’t a great episode. The show has lost something now that everyone, including the building’s elevator operator, knows Don’s once dark secret but the show is still a fabulous trip back in time and Don — who showed his cold side last night — is still the coolest guy and sometimes the cruelest guy in the room.

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