I have a home subscription to the NY Times and, as such, I sometimes get “special” offers concerning the arts and other happenings around town. The other day, I got such a special offer that, well, I nearly plotzed!

The Times was offering three “special” packages to see Michael Feinstein at his eponymous club at the Regency Hotel on the upper east side. I’ve always wanted to go to this snooty club but found it a bit pricey. I thought maybe this Times’ deal would be a discount offer.

Boy, was I wrong.

The three packages were priced at $275 (okay, not bad), $1,150 (too rich for my blood) and $17,500 (What?!?!?!). I kid you not. The VIP Platinum package was $17,500 — actually more than my new car, a 2010 Kia Forte!

I wrote last week about how I turned down the chance to buy two tickets for the Broadway play “The Book of Mormon” because two tickets were $500. Now that seems like a bargain. So what, pray tell, does one get for paying $17,500? Well, you definitely get to see Michael Feinstein, the cabaret performer, do his thing at his “intimate nightclub” at the Regency. In fact, you get to see him so often you just might get sick of him.

The VIP package includes a table for four once a month at Feinstein’s through the end of the year, as well as two rooms each month so you can stay over after the show, a “lavish” dinner, and a personal meet and greet with Michael himself. They should have called this the “Mrs. Feinstein” package because I can’t imagine anyone other than his mother buying in.

I guess The Great Recession really is over.



  1. Robbie Haack says:

    And I thought Van the Man Morrison concert tickets were pricey…Guess if you own your own club at the Regency and you get to marry your boyfriend with Judge Judy officiating, you can get away with charging $17,500 bucks, even if your mom is the only one who coughs up the do-re-me.

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