zuchiniI had no sooner come back from the local farmer’s market this morning than I picked up the NY Times and read a front page article entitled, “Told to eat its vegetables, America orders fries.” Funny headline and, as it turns out, oh so true. Basically, according to this article, Americans think vegetables, you know, suck!

I love one Manhattan woman who’s quoted as saying vegetables are “a pain…an apple you can just grab but what am I going to do, put a piece of kale in my purse?” Even if she did, would she eat it?

I don’t suffer any delusions that I love vegetables because I know I don’t. But I do eat a lot of salads to make up for it, unlike a lot of Americans. The article says that only 17 percent of all American dinners include a salad. Mine nearly always do (and not with that gloppy horrible dressing either. I’ve learned enough over the years to use oil and vinegar and that’s it.)

But I have to admit that, if it weren’t for my wife, who does love vegetables, my meals would be a lot worse. Thanks to her, I virtually never use a can opener. Nothing we eat is processed except the occasional box of Dots I cannot resist. Hey Dots are the same colors of vegetables, right? I rest my case.

But if what The Times says is true, then how to account the mobs of people at the farmer’s market? The farmers markets in NYC are as crowded as a subway platform after a Yankee game. There is nowhere to walk and everyone is buying up giant bunches of carrots and huge heads of broccoli. Sure they look good but how do you cook them? Because I see my wife cook vegetables, I know that they are a pain to prepare. There’s all this steaming and chopping and rinsing and, when it’s all said and done, I’d rather have a hamburger. But that’s me and I suspect it’s also a lot of those people buying vegetables at the farmer’s market. There intentions are good but, by the end of the week, I’m betting a lot of those vegetables are tossed out like yesterday’s news.

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