Men “are proudly rocking a gut….”

Posted: 13th August 2009 by Paul LaRosa in hearst tower, Life
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kevin-federline-fat…Or so says the vaunted NY Times in Thursday’s Style section. I was reading the story about how hip it is to have a belly when I showed the photos to my wife and said, “Do I look like that?”

“Yes,” she answered immediately.

“Er, no,” she said when she had a moment to think about it.

Hmmmmm. I know what that means. It was, after all, the male equivalent of asking “Honey, do I look fat?” In any case, I went on reading the article and I was more and more encouraged. It seems hipsters do the opposite of whomever is in the White House and since Obama is so in-shape, those who set the fashion pace feel free to have a little extra girth.

Check out the photo here of former skinny-boy Mr. Britney Spears, Kevin Federline. You go guy!

Here’s my favorite quite from the article: “I sort of think the six-pack abs obsession got so prissy it stopped being masculine.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

  1. Susan says:

    I completely misunderstood the question. You look nothing like the hipsters pictured in the paper.

  2. Paul LaRosa says:

    Are you saying I’m not hip??

  3. ABA says:

    You’re both hip… but is that REALLY Kevin Federline in the photo?

  4. Paul LaRosa says:

    yes indeedy!!

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