Plaxico Burress gets “Glock leg”…

Posted: 7th December 2008 by Paul LaRosa in Uncategorized

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Turns out Plaxico Buress, the NY Giants bad-boy wide receiver, fell victim to a pretty common malady among those who arm themselves with Glock automatics — the dreaded "Glock leg." Glocks are unusual guns because they don't really have safeties. When you put your finger on the trigger of a Glock and pull, it's going to go off. Many other guns have safeties you must release before pulling the trigger but not Glocks. 

The thing is, Glocks were designed that way intentionally. The idea was that if a police officer is faced with a life threatening situation and must use his gun, it had better go off when he pulls that trigger. It works very well when it needs to. The problem with Glocks is that they have a tendency to go off even when the holder does not intend for that to happen. That's what happened to Plaxico. His gun, which had been in the waistband of his pants, began to slip and he reached for it. His finger no doubt pulled the trigger and he shot himself in the leg. 

It's something that is happening all over the country to police officers. In fact, I found this YouTube video of a cop demonstrating gun safety when he inadvertently shoots himself in the leg with his own Glock!! Pretty amazing. Even criminals have been caught in the crossfire, shot as police officers holding Glocks try to handcuff them. It's not for nothing that the NYPD, which uses Glocks, had the manufacturer increase the trigger pull to cut down on this problem. 

I first came across this phenomenon when researching my book "Tacoma Confidential" because the Tacoma Police Chief David Brame was holding a Glock when he shot himself and his wife; most reports state that Brame pulled the trigger intentionally. The more I learned about Brame and about Glocks, I came ultimately to believe that Brame's gun accidentally fired because he was threatening to kill himself. As a chief, he was not trained in how to use the gun, and it cost him dearly. Burress was very lucky, suspension and all. 
  1. Mac Levy says:

    This is nothing other than anti-Glock propaganda. Burress is a moron who brought carried a concealed weapon into a bar. FELONY. Also a felony is carrying a concealed weapon after the ingestion of alcohol. In any amount. He also could have taken advantage of any number of private security companies to serve as his bodyguards while at the bar, which by the way, is a perk made available to him by his team. Did anyone else think to mention that he was carrying the gun in his waistband? Not the most secure method of transport. He put himself in harm’s way and has nobody to blame but himself. Remind me to feel sorry for him the next time I shoot myself because I have a gun where I shouldn’t have one and choose to carry like a gang-banger with no regard for personal safety.
    As for the accounts of the YouTube cop, this is plain negligence. I’ve seen the video in question. This genius brings a loaded weapon that he clearly has no understanding of and attempts to pass himself off as an expert. If he had ever so much as seen someone else shoot a Glock, he would know that there is no traditional safety and that additional caution is warranted. He exercised the right to be ignorant and shot himself in the leg.
    The same may hold true for the Tacoma Police Chief, although the differing accounts of what happened do leave room for interpretation. In any case, a police chief has certainly been around guns long enough to know two of the most basic firearm safety rules. You never point a firearm at someone or something you do not intend to shoot. You never put your finder on the trigger until you are ready to fire. Most novice shooter are taught these two basic safety rules the first time they hold a weapon. Without even knowing him personally, one could confidently wager that a police chief would know this. If you point a gun at anything, put your finger on the trigger and then proceed to pull that trigger, don’t be shocked when it discharges a round in the general direction you were aiming it!!
    Accidents do and will happen in every time zone in every country. Somewhere out there are people who have no idea how to operate a firearm and they will surely shoot themselves or someone else. Not one of these supposed accidents was inevitable. In these cases, as in most, there is the human factor. Guns tend not to discharge on their own. It’s just how they are manufactured. The Glock, which you are so quick to blame for these “accidents”, was manufactured with this in mind and even has a feature that keeps the firing pin from unintentionally firing due to dropping or hitting the firearm. These are guns that were designed with law enforcement in mind. They are made to be more durable than any other firearm. They are made to work after the most brutal abuse and neglect possible. And yes, they are made with safety system that puts more responsibility in the hands of the person holding the gun. Why? Because the men and women who put their lives in the balance every day to protect the public deserve it. Many of the law enforcement personnel have chosen this weapon because of this. Because of the situations they encounter on a daily basis leave little room for error and the millisecond it takes to check your safety may be the millisecond you need to save your life or that of another. So let’s end the crusade against the Glock and call this what it is. Stupid people doing stupid things.
    Always remember: your index finger is the only real safety you have.

  2. writer418 says:

    That’s the reason we need gun control, isn’t it? Because morons keep getting guns, and no matter how safe they may be, there is the moron, er, human element.

  3. Mac Levy says:

    We already have gun control in place. People choose to ignore common sense and the law and bad things happen. The same happens with vehicles and alcohol, but you don’t hear anyone shouting to ban them. Are you going to come back the next time an old lady runs you off the road because she has no idea what she is doing behind the wheel and say we need car control? There are systems already in place to deal with these incidents. You accrue point on your license for bad driving. You face the threat of prison for bad decision making with firearms. The sins of a few are not reason enough to trash the Constitution. We have laws in place. You commit a felony, you lose your right to own or carry firearms.
    Enough morons get guns and eventually there won’t be any left to call morons. All that will be left are the responsible. What I am in favor of though would be something similar to a driving test. Texas, I believe, doesn’t just dish out a concealed carry permit after a background check like many states do (including my home state of Alabama). You are required to take a firearm safety course of some kind and must pass a test. Alabama does this to get hunting licenses. This in place to either get a carry permit or to purchase a firearm would do well to curb the idiot factor that we see so often.

  4. writer418 says:

    I’ve heard a million arguments like yours. I’m not impressed. I’m sure you know what my position is…end of story.

  5. Mac Levy says:

    Yes. Sadly, you will not be convinced. Just wanted any readers to see the faulty thinking that led to unfounded conclusions about a well crafted firearm. You do with it as you please.

  6. writer418 says:

    haha…’faulty’ to you perhaps….

  7. josh b says:

    Also worth noting are the facts that: 1) many revolvers don’t have a safey other than the users index finger either and 2)glocks actually have 3 safeties (2 internal and 1 on the trigger itself.) Personally I was taught not to put my finger on the trigger until I’m ready to fire and most certainly not until the gun is pointed in a safe direction.

  8. mike says:

    all guns can go off,never trust the saftey,the main purpose of any saftey is to prevent discharge if weapon is dropped or in case of hunting to prevent trigger getting caught on branches,clothing,ect
    exept when needing the gun ready for trafic stops ect normally it is
    always better to carry or store gun with no round in the chamber,it only takes a split second to pull back the slide and kick a round in the chamber.remember the gun cant go off if there is no round in the chamber.when gun must be carryed with round in chamber it needs to be in a holster period.always keep finger out of the trigger gaurd until
    your ready to aim or shoot.

  9. John Public says:

    New Yorkers fear guns so much that they think gun control makes everyone safer.

    Here in PA, we know that criminals don’t follow gun control laws, so we make it a straight forward process for law abiding people to buy guns and obtain the license to carry a firearm. The end result is that PA is much safer than New York.

    The only problem with that is when New Yorkers flee the crime ridden sewer that is NYC to come here to be safer, and the first thing they do is bitch about all the guns. You neo communist New Yorkers can’t see the trees for the forest, can you

  10. Paul LaRosa says:

    You feel so ‘safe’ you’re afraid to leave your real name and BTW, NYC is a safe place no thanks to illegal guns from out of state. I’m not opposed to all guns, just assault rifles and those in the hands of people like you.

  11. Paul LaRosa says:

    You feel so ‘safe’ you’re afraid to leave your real name and BTW, NYC is a safe place no thanks to illegal guns from out of state. I’m not opposed to all guns, just assault rifles and those in the hands of people like you.

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